A Typical Day On the Stream

A typical day with us begins at the shop, where you will meet your guides. There, you will have the opportunity to purchase any equipment you may need and discuss the coming day of fishing. You must purchase your fishing license online prior to your arrival. Visit this site to purchase your fishing license.

We will arrange a meeting time to make sure you are on the water at the correct time so you can take full advantage of the anticipated hatches. From the shop, you’ll travel a short distance to the stream, where your guides will get you started. Because we accommodate all skill levels, you need not worry about your fishing skill. Our guides are patient and knowledgeable, and they will make every effort to help you improve your fishing skills while making you feel comfortable. During the day, you will rotate “beats” so you can experience a variety of different fishing conditions. This practice also enables the guides to “rest” the water after a sustained period of fishing.

At mid-day, you and your guides will break for a stream-side lunch, which we will provide. During lunch, you will have plenty of time to relax and meet up with any friends who have fished other beats. As you might suspect, lunch is usually a time for trading stories, with the conversation usually centering on technique, the history of the area, and, more often than not, the size and quantity of your catch.

After lunch, it’s back to the stream for more fishing. Because conditions usually change throughout the day, you will have ample opportunity to fish a variety of techniques. Feel free to ask about any new skills you might like to acquire, and take advantage of any fishing lulls by practicing what you have learned under the watchful eye of your guide. If you get tired and need to take a break, simply tell your guide, who will let you determine how much you would like to fish. We like to fish through the evening hatch, so you may want to pace yourself for the fast and furious activity at day’s end.

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